Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Days In Between

Between the other days and now...

...We practiced our clicks-- learning some Xhosa and of course the names of the TSiBA students. (Why couldn't their parents name them John and Jane?!)

We've had a few guest speakers like Ahmed Kathrada-- a political prisoner from the Apartheid days. And it was only appropriate to conclude the day by visiting Robben Island (Mandela's jail cell below)

We've been eating at lots of great South African restaurants like... Mzoli's located in the Township Khayelitsha -- a well know meat place to have a South African Braai (BBQ).

And at almost every venue there is some type of music, whether it be the bongo drums, wooden xylophones, or a group of people singing/chanting together. The other night we went to Mama Africa. The music was great and hopefully the video of me dancing to the African beat won't surface on Youtube. HAHA. I just might have to buy a bongo drum to bring home with me so I can bring it out during house parties. Anyone up for a late night jam session?!
Cheers to the night-- see you in the morning for our group sunrise run!



  1. Ahmed Kathrada, he was the first elected speaker of the house or Parliment, or chief of staff to Mandela, or Secretary of State. He was the first elected something after the end of the Apartheid. I know so little SA's government structure.

    He is like a South African Thomas Jefferson

  2. Nice to hear you are having a great, and informative, time.
    Bruce & Deborah B

  3. Hey Angela,
    You are so brave to eat some of the interesting foods there! This is a good experience for you...I hope you feel fortunate and grateful for these opportunities. I can't wait for you to come home! Be safe.